Waterproof your foundation to prevent water infiltration

There are different methods to prevent water infiltration and humidity in the basement; waterproofing is one of them. In most cases, it is a complementary solution to the foundation work.

Why waterproof your foundation?

The purpose of waterproofing is to protect the foundation walls from any seepage. It is often added during the installation of French drains or during crack repairs. It thus eliminates any risk of infiltration by creating a protective layer on the foundation.

It should be noted that when building a house, the tar layer on the foundation is only used as a base waterproofing agent. This is a minimum requirement to be met and not a treatment against infiltration.

Rigid and waterproof membranes

There are two main types of membranes: rigid and waterproof. The waterproof membrane, in liquid form, is sprayed on the foundation to seal it. It provides a protective layer against water seepage. The DELTA rigid membrane facilitates the flow of water to the French drain. It thus removes any hydraulic pressure from the foundation walls by creating an air gap between the membrane and the concrete.

How does foundation waterproofing work?

During waterproofing, the contour of the foundation is excavated in such a way as to cause as little damage as possible. Once the cleaning of the walls is completed, a waterproof membrane is sprayed on the foundation walls. In the presence of a drainage system, the installation of a DELTA-MS waterproof membrane is strongly recommended. Once the waterproofing membrane dries, a rigid DELTA-MS panel is installed directly on the foundation to prevent concrete crumbling and water infiltration. As the foundation is no longer in direct contact with the ground, the moisture created previously will
decrease significantly.

Foundation waterproofing specialist in the West of Montreal

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