Sewer backup

In order to prevent backflows, municipalities regularly maintain the network of public sewers. Unfortunately, some unforeseen events can occasionally occur that cause both flooding and frustration among homeowners.

Water and sewer inlets

In Quebec, there are mainly 3 types of installations: water inlet, sewer inlet and storm sewer. Each type of pipe has a particular function: the water inlet allows water to be conveyed from the water system to the residence while the sewer entrance, unlike its name, discharges wastewater to the municipal sewer. The storm sewer, installed only in some of the municipalities, allows, for its part, to transport runoff water from the French drain and sump pump.

Signs and causes of a defective pipe

Plumbing problems are not always noticeable, but they could cost you a lot of money in long-term damage to your home if not spotted right away (for instance, that little drip below the kitchen sink could lead to a mold or rot problem). Various signs can help to detect a pipe problem:

  • Wastewater overflow
  • Clogged toilets
  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Presence of rust in the water
  • Slower wastewater evacuation
  • Smell of rotten eggs
  • Etc.

When this type of problem is encountered, it is often a defect related to the entry of water or sewage. Several elements can then be at the origin of the obstruction, including root infiltration inside the duct, crushing, subsidence or misalignment of the pipe, perforation of the pipe, etc.

An excavation must then be carried out to access the ducts and replace the damaged pipe.

A few tips to avoid sewer backups

To prevent sewer backups, some changes can be made by homeowners in their homes. Here is a list of practical tips to help you avoid an unfortunate situation.

  • Install a check valve to prevent municipal sewer overflows.
  • Connect the French drain to the storm sewer or a basin with a pump and not to the
  • sanitary sewer (sewer inlet).
  • Carry out regular maintenance of the piping system.
  • Do not bury gutters in the ground. Extend them as far as possible from the residence to avoid any accumulation of water.

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