Basins and pumps

The primary objective of a drainage system is to drain water that has accumulated around the foundation. Once the water is collected inside the drain, it is important to evacuate it through a flow system to avoid an overflow.

How are French drain waters evacuated?

Water accumulated inside the French drain can be discharged by one of the following two methods:

1. By connecting the French drain directly to the sewer system (storm sewer); or
2. By installing a catchment basin and a submersible pump

A catch basin is installed when a residence is not directly connected to the city’s sewer system.

How to proceed with the installation of a tank and pump?

The utility of the basin is to allow the recovery of water from the French drain while the pump is used to evacuate it. The installation can be done indoors or outdoors and will depend on municipal regulations, original installations, etc.
A hole is then dug to install the pool to a depth of one foot under the foundation slab. A geotextile membrane is then applied to the contour of the membrane and clean rock is poured around it. A high level detector can also be attached to the tank to quickly detect a possible pump failure.

How do the basin and sump pump work together?

Once the water from the drain is discharged into the basin, it accumulates to a certain level. It is at this point that the pump starts pumping water out of the pool and into the various piping systems in the residence. Investing in an indoor or outdoor sump pump can therefore be beneficial when it comes to saving thousands of dollars in water damages.

Catch basin and sump pump installation in the West of Montreal

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