Foundation repairs

The deterioration of a building’s foundation due to its crumbling or other causes often leads to water infiltration problems. It is therefore essential to repair or replace the damaged section.

Causes and signs of deterioration of the foundation

Multiple factors can cause concrete erosion:

  • Concrete quality
  • Premature aging of concrete
  • Poor water drainage caused by French drain malfunctioning
  • Soil type (example: clayey or pyrite-contaminated soil)
  • Foundation heaving due to frost
  • Etc.

Repair techniques

Repair techniques differ depending on the type of foundation encountered. For example, for a wall made of concrete blocks, the damaged section is removed and replaced by new blocks. The addition of reinforcing rods ensures that the foundation is solid. It is therefore rarely necessary to remove the entire wall; only the damaged part can be sufficient. For a poured concrete or cold stone foundation, a reinforcement method is used. Concrete is poured again to harden the crumbling wall.

Each case being unique, a drain inspection is always necessary to determine the cause and method to be used. Your foundation expert will therefore be able to advise you and propose a solution that will meet your needs.

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Work and materials for our Foundation waterproofing and French drain installation services are covered by a 15-year warranty. Crack repairs are guaranteed for a 10-year period. Our warranties are transferable upon the sale of the property.
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