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Fondation & Fissure St-Amant is a company specialized in the repair and waterproofing of foundations. We offer a wide range of services, from crack repair and basement waterproofing services to French drain installation and cleaning.

Our mission: To fulfill the demands of customers dealing with infiltration and other foundation problems via efficient, durable and cost-effective solutions.

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At Fondation & Fissure St-Amant, our team offers the following range of services:

Our superior quality services are reflected in our professionalism and careful attention to our clients’ needs. Our team of experts will find a solution to your infiltration problems. Always concerned about the quality of the work carried out, we make sure to make professional training a continuous priority in order to provide optimal solutions to your problems. Trust the dedication, expertise and professionalism of Fondation & Fissure St-Amant to meet your expectations.

What are the most common foundation problems?

Several factors can cause foundation problems. Concrete quality, lack or poor water drainage, foundation cracks and soil type are just a few examples. Here is a complete guide to the most common problems encountered.

Causes of water seepage in the basement

Water infiltration and humidity in the basement can be caused by a multitude of factors. Very often, this type of problem is encountered when there is no or defective French drain or when there are foundation cracks. However, several other elements may also be involved, including:

  • An aging foundation
  • Poor concrete quality
  • A defect in the sump pump
  • A lack of ¾ gravel clean crushed stone over the French drain
  • A high groundwater table relative to the foundation

What are the signs of water infiltration?

In addition to the accumulation of water on the ground, which is obvious in itself, several other elements can help detect water infiltration:

  • High level of humidity
  • A smell of humidity (musty smell)
  • The presence of mould
  • The presence of cracks on the foundation walls
  • The appearance of whitish spots (rings) on concrete or walls

What to do in case of water infiltration?

The solution to such a problem is to waterproof your home’s foundation. Indeed, the foundation must be waterproof in order to avoid any future infiltration. However, when infiltration results from a French drain or crack problem, these must be repaired first.

A clogged or crushed drain will have to be cleaned or replaced, whereas in the case of a crack, it will be injected. Once the repairs are completed, the foundation can be waterproofed with a membrane. Note: When building a house, the tar layer on the foundation is only used as a base waterproofing agent. This is a minimum requirement to be met and not a treatment against infiltration.

French drain problems

Whether it is an old or a new house, drainage methods are often neglected. The French drain may then be defective or non-existent, causing moisture and water infiltration problems in the basement.

How to recognize a French drain problem?

In addition to water infiltration and high humidity, the following symptoms may also indicate a French drain problem:

  • Presence of a white powder called efflorescence
  • Mould at the foot of the foundation walls
  • Moisture odour

Foundation problems and cracks

After several years, a building foundation often tends to crumble or crack. There are multiple possible factors causing concrete erosion:

  • Premature aging
  • Concrete quality
  • Soil type (example: clayey or pyrite-contaminated soil)
  • Poor water drainage by the French drain
  • Ground heave due to frost
  • Etc.

The foundation’s deterioration then results in cracking of the concrete, causing water seepage problems.

Expert in Foundation Repairs in the West of Montreal

Whether you live in the West of Montreal, Vaudreuil-Soulanges or Valleyfield, you can count on Fondation & Fissure St-Amant team’s expertise for all foundation and basement waterproofing, French drain, excavation and crack repair needs. We will meet your needs by offering you tailor-made solutions that respect your budget.

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Work and materials for our Foundation waterproofing and French drain installation services are covered by a 15-year warranty. Crack repairs are guaranteed for a 10-year period. Our warranties are transferable upon the sale of the property.
Certain conditions may apply.