Foundation problems, what are common causes and solutions?

It is not uncommon to notice, after several years, the crumbling or cracking of the foundations of a building. Several factors can cause concrete erosion and result in water infiltration. Here is a complete guide to common problems your foundation may encounter.

What are the causes of foundation problems?

There are many factors that can cause concrete crumbling or foundation cracks:

  • Premature aging of the foundation
  • Concrete quality
  • Absence or poor drainage
  • Soil type (clayey or pyrite-contaminated soil)
  • Poor compaction or backfilling of the soil
  • Etc.

Crumbling vs. cracking of concrete

Crumbling occurs when a small or large part of the foundation is faded, often showing the steel reinforcement. Cracking is characterized by a crevice, of variable size, that descends along the foundation wall.

Types of cracks: active or passive

Two types of cracks can be encountered: active or passive. A so-called passive crack stabilizes after one or two years, while an active crack may worsen over time.

In the presence of an active crack, repair is often necessary, whereas this is not always the case for a passive crack. In this second case, the owner may decide to do nothing if there is no water infiltration in the basement.

Concrete repair expert in the West of Montreal

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