What types of services do you offer?

Fondation et Fissure St-Amant is offering a range of services including foundation and cracks repair, the waterproofing of foundation, the installation of French drains, basins and pumps, camera inspection, inputs of water and sewer repair and installation of septic fields.

What methods do you use to repair a foundation?

The methods used vary depending on the type of foundation. In general, it is possible to repair a foundation by replacing the damaged section or by adding reinforcement (a second layer of concrete poured directly on the foundation).

What methods do you use to repair cracks?

Usually, a crack is repaired with an injection of polyurethane or epoxy. Depending on the type of cracks, the repair can be done from both inside and outside.

How to detect a drainage problem?

A drainage problem can be detected by several factors: appearance of mold at the bottom of the walls, a high humidity rate, water infiltration in the basement, efflorescence (white powder)...

Can a house sag over time?

Depending on the type of soil encountered, it is possible that a house sags over time. It is the case for clay soils.

Do you offer free estimates?

For any estimate on foundation and cracks repair, the estimate is free.

What are the warranties on your work? Are they transferable?

Our guarantee applies to a period of 15 years and covers the work and materials for waterproofing and installation of French drains.

A 10-year warranty applies to cracks repair. All our warranties are transferable with the sale of the property.

Do you offer a service of engineering?

We now offer a service of consulting engineering for all your questions.


Work and materials for our Foundation waterproofing and French drain installation services are covered by a 15-year warranty. Crack repairs are guaranteed for a 10-year period. Our warranties are transferable upon the sale of the property.
Certain conditions may apply.