French drain cleaning and unclogging

The result of improper installation often results in French drain obstruction. Over the years, a poorly installed drain will eventually fill with debris and prevent water from flowing properly. Result: moisture and water infiltration problems.

What are the causes of drain clogging?

Several factors can cause drain obstruction:

  • A lack of ¾ gravel clean crushed stone over the French drain
  • Backfill other than ¾ gravel
  • The presence of iron ochre
  • Too much vegetation
  • Etc.

How to unclog and clean a French drain?

Before unclogging and cleaning the drain, it is important to inspect it first in order to locate the source of the problem. Once determined, a high-pressure jet cleaning system is then used to remove any residues inside the drain. Uprooting can also be carried out when the surrounding vegetation is abundant.

French drain cleaning in the West of Montreal

Whether you live in the West of Montreal, Vaudreuil-Soulanges or Valleyfield, you can count on Fondation & Fissure St-Amant team’s expertise for drainage system inspections, excavations and French drain installation work. We will meet your needs by offering you tailor-made solutions that respect your budget.

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Work and materials for our Foundation waterproofing and French drain installation services are covered by a 15-year warranty. Crack repairs are guaranteed for a 10-year period. Our warranties are transferable upon the sale of the property.
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